Here is my entry to become a resident @ RESPUBLICA with some exclusive new tracks. Enjoy

here are a few new stuff I’m working on (still in progress). Let me know what you think :)


…….i don’t know where my god is now.


…….i don’t know where my god is now.

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New version of my remix of Discord by Midnight Conspiracy, still working on it. What’s your opinion gayz???

We Are The In Crowd feat. Alex Gaskarth - Kiss Me Again (Murcielago Bobo Remix) *320kbs Preview*

Alright, what do i do with this now? (Work In Progress “but not progressing so much”)

Well, here is my first attempt at a rock melody (don’t judge i have an ear infection, no kidding) Ignorance Bliss

Murcielago Bobo - Tumbleweed Preview 2 (Work In Progress)

Working on a remix of Shotgun by Zedd. Should i finish it or is it not worth it? Let me know kbye

Trying something new, i’m not sure if that’s good in fact but well you tell me

Preview of my new project : Mosh Pit, enjoy

Here is my new mixtape to celebrate halloween, enjoy : Trick Or Treat (Free Halloween Mini Mix)

yay a new free download, enjoy or not as you want : Murcielago Bobo Festival Bootleg. Btw music is dead